The Beautiful World of Inkle Weaving


Inkle Doll (Robin Wilton) Inkle Kimono (Robin Wilton)

I love the whole process of weaving and working with fabric.  My first experience with weaving was with card and inkle weaving when I was in high school about 40 years ago.  Even though I have woven much more complicated patterns with multiple harness weaving over the years, I still enjoy the simplicity of inkle weaving.  I love experimenting with different ways to fold and manipulate the bands to make ornaments and, more recently,figures.  In a recent project I used Bamboo yarn for some scarves on the inkle loom that had a lovely, soft drape even though they were warp faced. 
Bamboo Inkle Scarves (Robin Wilton) Inkle Scarf Detail (Robin Wilton)
  • Robin Wilton