Sample Collection

Do you weave, spin or dye, or create in some other fiber technique? We need sample volunteers for samples for the newsletter (and maybe the web page) each month. You only need to produce two physical samples, so let us be inspired by what you’ve been working on. We’d all love to see your projects! Samples appear in our Shuttle Scuttle newsletter and the guild sample notebooks (one in each of the reference and circulating libraries). Sharing your creative works provides guild members enjoyment and inspiration too!

Please let the Samples Chair know if you are willing to contribute a sample. Your sample is due to the Sample Chair the month before it is to be published.

Questions, comments, and sample submissions by email can be sent to

You can sign up on line to submit a sample here!

Or use these sheets to mail in a description of your sample:
RMWG Sample Weaving Sheet
RMWG Sample Spinning Sheet

Along with your sample please include a

  1. Written discussion of your inspiration or creative process, any processes used to create the piece’s color, materials used, draft (including threading, tie-up, treadling, and drawdown), and any other pertinent information to help describe your sample.
  2. For the guild sample notebooks:
    • For weaving, we need two physical samples (around 6” x 6”)
    • For spinning we need two physical samples (butterflies approximately 3 yards long)
    • For dyeing and other techniques, we need two physical samples on fiber or cloth. The size should be adequate to show the technique, but not too big to put in a notebook.
  3. For the newsletter and web page: We need digital images of your sample to put in the newsletter and on the web page, along with your notes. Contact the Samples Chair for information about the format, but generally .jpg images and .doc files are best. If you can’t take the photos or supply a .doc file yourself, just let the Samples Chair know that you need help.