November Memorial Lecture: Karen Selk

Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Programs

Silk Travel Vignettes of Asia

Karen invites you to participate in the lives, hardships, and joys of the cloth artisans of Asia.  The journey will be led through an extravaganza of visual images, handcrafted cloth and revealing tales of silkworm rearing, yarn making, dyeing and timeless weaving techniques.  Gain insight into cultural tradition and sustainable cottage industry development in villages scattered throughout Thailand, Laos, India, Burma, China, Vietnam, and Bhutan.

Karen has been a textile designer and artist since 1972.  Her primary focus has been weaving and fusing felt with silk.  A quest for knowledge of all aspects of silk has taken her throughout Asia researching the history and heritage of silk  traditions.  She travels and teaches, sharing her approach through lectures and workshops.  The cloth, culture and people of other countries as well as the life in Karen’s garden are the source of her creative spirit.

Silk Fusion