April Program–Susan Wilson’s Classic Crackle & More

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Programs

Crackle is a surprisingly versatile weave with great design potential.

Crackle is a block weave that shares some characteristics with overshot
and summer and winter but has its own advantages and
idiosyncrasies. This slide-lecture explores four-shaft and eight-shaft
crackle woven in the classic manner, and the many variations
possible with alternate treadlings.
Rocky Mountain Weavers’ Guild member Susan Wilson received the
HGA Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving, Master Level in 1990,
with a specialty in crackle weave. A weaver for 40 years and member
of RMWG since 1994, she enjoys pattern weaving, sampling to
explore woven structure, and creating household textiles and clothing
accessories. Susan has lectured and taught workshops throughout
the U.S. and at several Convergence and other regional conferences.
Her work has been published in Weaver’s, Handwoven, Complex
Weavers Journal, and Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazines, and her
crackle sample was featured on the cover of A Weaver’s Book of 8-
Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler. She has recently published
her own book on crackle, Weave Classic Crackle More, in 2011.

Susan Wilson’s Classic Crackle & More