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Programs and Workshops for Spring, 2017

Registration for workshops–there are still a few spaces in the spring workshops!–
Spring 2017 Registration Form (includes only March and April workshops)

APRIL 15 – Eileen Hallman

  • fresh leaf indigo with flash OWS woven-dyed_sm Eileen hallman photo
  • Program, 15th – Weave until you Dye
  • Bonus! Free Lecture – Afternoon (bring lunch): Not Your Grandmother’s Dye Pot
  • Workshop – 3 Day, 17th -19th: Weave until you Dye: Synopsis: Participants will weave a fabric for an exercise in differential dyeing. They will choose their own weave structure and warp their loom with cellulosic (cotton, ramie, linen, hemp, etc.) yarns of any color. After weaving samples with Dye-Lishus cotton 10/2 or 5/2 yarn provided, then wash and dye the fabric in immersion, shibori, tie-dye or whatever technique the participant chooses. The weft will take the color….
  • Workshop – 1 day, 22nd: Spinning Cotton on the Charka, Workshop Information
  • About Eileen Hallman: As a cotton specialist, Eileen Hallman has been spinning on a charkha and weaving for 30 years, and dyeing cotton with natural dyes for 10. Working from “dirt to shirt”, she explores the multitude of options in every aspect of the creation of cloth. Her innate curiosity and her willingness to learn from the unplanned provide her the freedom to use her studio as a laboratory. She teaches internationally, and is known for her innovative teaching techniques.
    Artist Statement:
    I love weaving white. I often weave with color, but my favorite is white. For me, dyeing the cloth is a joyful experience, especially if the dye is indigo… I spin for the meditative value, weave for the creative energy, and dye for pure joy.
  • Visit Eileen’s New World Textiles Web Page:
  • Spring 2017 Registration Form (includes only March and April workshops)

MAY 20–Luncheon

  • Cherry Creek Harbor (Katmandu Restaurant with Nepalese Buffet), with Dhaka Weaves Trunk Show (a Tewa Tea–sales benefit weavers of Dhaka Weaves) and Fashion Show (President’s Challenge)
  • Purchases of Dhaka Weaves textiles can be paid for with credit cards, check or cash.
  • Dhaka Weaves web site:
  • Address: 13740 E. Quincy Ave, SE corner of Parker Rd. and Quincy (look for the sign for Cherry Creek Harbor Event Center in the SE back corner of the parking lot)
  • Check it out at
  • Cost: $25 including tax and gratuity, but not including cash bar
    • Give or send a check payable to RMWG for $25 to Annie Scherer or Bev Kajko.
  • Time: 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Fashion Show will feature President’s color challenge–with Prizes!
  • Special Door Prize!

Programs and Workshops for Fall, 2017

September 16 – Susan Wilson (Memorial Fund Presentation)
October 21 – Ayn Hanna & Barbara Gilhooly
November 18 – Franki Franklin & Wynne Reynolds – Two Short Programs
  • Fall registration is open. Please give or mail your Fall Registration Form to the Registrar ( See form for address.
  • Program and Workshop by Franki Franklin
    • Program: Landscape Lace Knit Garden Trellis: From Inspiration to Actuality
      • Program Description: How the photograph of a Shetland Islander’s knit lace fence inspired me to spend uncountable hours figuring out how to translate the idea of knit lace in a large rural garden, to practical application in an urban setting.
      • Biographical Information: Franki Franklin comes from a people with smart hands and curious minds who make and fix things. In childhood she learned the rudiments of embroidery, crochet, sewing, and hand quilting. Her mother, grandmothers, and great-uncle were masters at needlework. At age 10 Franki taught herself to knit, and in the early 1990s she started knitting lace. The structural intricacies and possibilities of knit lace continue to fascinate her, so she continues to futz around with it.
    • Workshop: Creating a Landscape Lace Knit Garden Trellis
  • Program and Workshop by Wynne Reynolds
    • Program: A Look at Tunisian Crochet
      • Program Description: Wynne will introduce you to the uncommon art of Tunisian crochet. She’ll talk bout its murky origins and modern day applications. You’ll see samples of Tunisian Crochet that highlight how this technique works with color. She’ll discuss the similarities and differences between Tunisian crochet, traditional crochet and knitting.
      • Biographical Information: Wynne Reynolds is a mixed media artist. Her most recent show, FLUX, at Edge Galley in Denver, was a marriage of fiber and hardware. Incorporating her skills in fiber art and DYI, Wynne created works highlighting the contrast of hard and soft. She teaches needle felting and Tunisian crochet at Fancy Crafts and other Denver venues. Wynne was recently featured in an article about needle felting by the Associated Press that was picked up by news outlets in the U.S. and Canada, including Home and Garden and The Denver Post.
    • Workshop: Tunisian Crochet Spa Cloth