Programs & Workshops

See Program and Workshop Location for directions to Spirit of Hope Church, our meeting and workshop location unless otherwise noted.

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Programs and Workshops for Fall, 2017

September 16 – Susan Wilson (Memorial Fund Presentation)
October 21 – Ayn Hanna & Barbara Gilhooly
November 18 – Franki Franklin & Wynne Reynolds – Two Short Programs

December 16 – Holiday Potluck, Special Event: Holiday Market by Business Members


Programs and Workshops for Spring, 2018

January 20 – Member to Member Sale (Stash Realignment Sale!
February 17 – Liz Kettle
March 17 – Lisa and Irvin Trujillo
April 21 – Gasali Adeyemo
May 12 – Colorado Weavers Day–Save the Date!

Colorado Weavers Day 2018 celebrates The Joy of Fiber!
Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Location: The Ranch, McKee 4-H Building, Loveland, CO

Colorado Weavers Day is a full day event with seminars to spark Creativity & Joy in the Fiber Arts.
Everyone is WELCOME!
No weaving experience required

2 Keynote Speakers, 6 Presenters, Lunch, Refreshments, Guild Displays


May 19 – 65th Anniversary Celebration and May Luncheon
  • Location: Pinehurst Country Club, 6255 W Quincy Avenue|Denver, Colorado 80235-3010|(303) 985-1551
  • Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Cost: TBA
  • Events: President’s Challenge (containers) and Awards, Door Prizes, Fashion Show and Awards, Lunch!!!
  • Speakers:
    • Elizabeth Johnston
      • Program: Textiles and the Warp Weighted Loom – from the Bronze age to the present
      • Biographical Information: Elizabeth Johnston is a Shetland spinner and knitter. She learned much of her craft as a child, learning to knit from her mother before she learned to read and write. She learned to purl from her father, who would be gone “on the sea” for long periods of time and was home long enough to give her purling lessons. She uses age old skills, handed down through generations, to turn Shetland fleece into beautiful soft yarns, and knits Fair Isle and lace items for her business Shetland Handspuns. Elizabeth also demonstrates and teaches spinning and knitting and coordinates some programming for the internationally popular event: Shetland Wool Week, which happens in late September around the Shetland Islands. Interest in the long history of Shetland textiles led to research into historic fabrics and the warp-weighted loom. She is the author of two chapters in Shetland Textiles 800 BC to the present edited by S. Laurenson and co-authored The Warp Weighted Loom.
    • Martha Owen
      • Program (and entertainment): Sheep and Wool in Song and Story
      • Biographical Information: Martha Owen is a resident artist at the John C. Campbell Folk School ( In Brasstown, NC, in spinning, knitting, feltmaking and dyeing. Her adventure in spinning began at this very school in 1978. Since then her extended family has included sheep (mostly Corriedale, Shetland, Romney) and Angora rabbits (French). Also a banjo player and known to tell a story or two, Martha’s interest in sheep and wool, music and dance has carried her quite literally and joyfully around the world. She reads historical fiction for knitting references and “steals” ideas and runs movies back to see the shape of a hat or to draw a color repeat. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild (
      • Martha Owen