Not Necessarily 8 Shaft Weaving Study Group

Not Necessarily 8-Shaft Study Group

NN8S is a small group studying various structures in weaving.

Our group, NN8SW, has a new and exciting weave structure study, Bateman Weaves. We want to open this challenge to other members of Rocky Mountain Weaver’s Guild.

In the upcoming months, Not Necessarily 8 Shaft Study Group will be studying Bateman Blend Weaves. We invite anyone interested to join our group. Materials needed will be :
1. A laptop computer complete with a weaving program. Most of us use Fiber Works, but any will do.
2. Copy of the reference book, Bateman Weaves, The Missing Monograph by Linda Tilson Davis (easily obtained from Amazon). Bateman Blend Weaves by Virginia Harvey might add to one’s knowledge. Please read through page 10 in the Tilson-Davis book to become familiar with the structure of this weave before the next meeting.
3. Use of an 8 shaft (or more shafts) loom.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 21st from 2-4:00 in the afternoon . Meeting place is at Zook’s Coffee/ Denver Puppet Theater 3156 W 38th Avenue. Meetings occur regularly every other month on the 4th Tuesday, same time, same place. If you would like more information please call Annie Zook at 303-458-6446. We welcome one and all to our group. We will be doing much exploring on Bateman weaves with our laptop computers, then hopefully finishing our overall study with a round robin weaving sample exchange. We usually pick a weave structure or a weaving book to study for the year. Participants are asked to takes turns presenting the weaving structure for the meetings. Samples can be brought in, in the form of textiles, and structure designed on the computer. Various other books, past lectures, workshops appropriate to the subject are discussed.

Please e-mail or call Annie Zook (303-458-6446) to be included on the e-mail notification list.