Summer Shuttle Scuttle is On Line!

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017 in News

The Summer Shuttle Scuttle is on line.

Please remember to thank our new newsletter editor, Lisa Chumley, for producing the Summer newsletter. Robin Wilton and Tina Broderson are still involved in various newsletter production functions.

To find the Summer Shuttle Scuttle, click here: .

Or click on “Current Issues” in the right side menu.

The current password is in the email that our new president, Annie Coyne, sends out to announce that the newsletter is on line. You will have to enter it to get to any of the password-protected pages, including the newsletter and yearbook pages. If you have mislaid her email (look in your spam folder!) or you have trouble opening a password-protected page, please let me know ( You can also send email to, which goes to Annie.