Renovated Fiber Art Gallery

Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in News

A project a year in the making (due to procrastination), the new on line Fiber Art Gallery has finally begun. The first entries are posted, with many more to come, I hope. I plan to take photos (some better than others, no doubt) of members’ work in the Show&Tell at the meetings, and at other events, such as the May Luncheon and maybe Colorado Weavers Day, and add them to a constantly growing display on the RMWG web site. If you haven’t looked at the Gallery link for a few years, take a look at it!

I will be attempting to link artists’ names with their work at meetings and so on, and will be getting their permission to display photos of their work, usually confirmed by email. You are encouraged to give your permission, but if you don’t want your work displayed you can always ask to have it removed from the page. Also, if you don’t like the photo I have, and would like to contribute your own photo, please send it to me at Also, if you have photos of your work that I have missed, please send them!

Thank you for helping me make this project a beautiful reality.

Tina Broderson