Fiber….with a Twist—Gallery Show

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Fiber with a Twist

Featured Artists: Maryse Levenson. Linda Lugenbill, Gail Necker

Show Runs:
August 16 – September 16, 2013, Mon – Sun, 10 am to 8 pm

Opening Night Friday, August 16, 5-8 pm
Part of 3rd Friday Art Walk in Manitou Springs. More than a dozen Galleries and other businesses will be participating.

Bring together weaving, braiding, stitching, dyeing, looping and embellishing and you may be viewing the combined creative efforts of three local fiber artists. As longtime friends, their creative pathways have been shared, intersected, and diverged as each evolved from the traditions of fiber. Fiber With A Twist demonstrates their unique applications and adaptations of fiber and fiber techniques.

Mastering the traditional skills of spinning, knitting and sewing provided a foundation for exploration of complex weaving techniques and dyeing that are exhibited in functional art designed and woven by Maryse Levenson. A stay in Japan provided the opportunity to study Kumihimo, the ancient technique of silk braiding, which she has adapted into jewelry and combined with contemporary weaving.

Linda Lugenbill’s fascination with botany has directed her choices in a career as a basketmaker. Vessels by Lugenbill display trademark material combinations when used as elements to create structure, to fill in, or to embellish the woven form. Unique characteristics of specific plant fibers are highlighted.

Early interest in basketmaking provided Gail Necker the skills to naturally transition her focus to gourd art. Gourds alone or in combination with other fibers or alternative materials provide a foundation for Necker to apply her fascination with color and texture when creating functional or artistic vessels, masks and garden art.

The world of fiber traditions has afforded these artists the foundations and structure to apply their creative hands in their personal exploration and adaptations of weaving, dyeing and fiber manipulation.

Presented by:
Commonwheel Artists Co-op
Manitou Springs, CO
Fiber with a Twist