Fiber Field Trip to Wyoming

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in News

Carol Lee Field Trip
In mid-July we will be heading north. North to Wyoming to spend a fiberly weekend with Carol Lee in Encampment! This will be a very casual event, come for a day or stay the entire weekend, you decide what is best. Contact Erik Staubo for details and to be on the waiting list; at the moment the trip is essentially full.

Saturday will be a day to dye, mushroom and or commercial. On Sunday we will explore paper making, with mushrooms! If either of these activities doesn’t get you excited, there will be plenty of time to spin, knit, weave, hike, play with critters, or just snooze in the sun!
Logistics: Again, this is a very casual event!
Dates: The weekend of July 20-21. You can arrive the Friday before and leave the following Monday if you want to.
Food: Bring your own. Make it potluck style. If you have dietary restrictions, make sure you bring what you need. Helen Hart has offered to coordinate meals!
Sleeping Arrangements: Indoor camping style. Bring your own sleeping bag or bedding. Most rooms have multiple or bunk beds.
Rules: Not many! Keep it neat. No one will do your laundry, wash dishes or clean up for you!
Cost: This is the best part! $10.00 per night if you want to sleep over, $25 per workshop. Bring your own fiber or buy it from Carol. (She has great fiber at great prices!). If you want to do a lot of dyeing, please plan to pay extra to replenish supplies. If you can bring paper making equipment, please let me know. We may need to limit participation in this workshop but if you have your own, you are guaranteed a spot! Handouts and samples are included in the workshops. Do not bring your dogs!