Drop-In Demonstrations at the Art Museum

Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in News


With the opening of the new Textiles area and the Thread Studio on the 6th Floor of the North Building we have the opportunity to do “drop in” demonstrations during regular business hours [check website]. We would like this to be an ongoing thing and encourage everyone to give it a try. Although it is a “drop-in” there are some procedures and standards we need to follow:

1. If you are going to drop in to demonstrate – please e-mail Stefania Van Dyke [svandyke@denverartmuseium.org] and Meri Moller or the current outreach coordinator. [mermoe@aol.com] at least 24 hours before you plan to show up. [Stefania’s phone number is 720-913-0059 if you are doing it on very short notice.]

2. You need to enter the building at the Lower level of the North Building [this is where school groups enter and there is a big orange gate]. You need to check in at the security desk to obtain a temporary i.d. for the day. When leaving you must exit the building through the same area and turn in the i.d. You are pretty free to roam around as desired, i.e. walk around with your drop spindle, but the Thread Studio is a great area to set up and work from. If you would like to do a demo that might take several days, please arrange that with Stefania in advance.

3. Some of the standards we need to follow for bringing equipment and materials into the museum are as follows:
Please avoid:
• Water
• Liquids
• Plants
• Animals and Insects
• Feathers and Fur – this includes unprocessed fiber i.e. not washed and clean
• Soil, unfried clay
• Food items
• Hazardous materials, sprays, aerosols, chemicals, [for example: high flammable or explosive materials, asbestos, solvents, biohazards, heavy material, etc]

If you have a questions about anything please contact Stefania for approval.

Please take the opportunity to explore this new venue and enjoy the great FIBER ARTS!

** Stefania will be on vacation July 15 – 19 and August 5 – 9. If you plan to demonstrate during that timeframe please contact Djamila Ricciardi at driciardi@denverartmuseum.org or 720-226-1073 [cell] to let her know you will be there.

Bev Kajko