A Green Thumbs-Up for the Janice Ford Memorial Dye Garden at the DBG-Chatfield!

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in News

A small group from the RMWG met recently in The Little Schoolhouse at the beautiful grounds of the Denver Botanic Gardens-Chatfield. We were able to tour the gardens, decide on possible locations, meet with Larry Vickerman, director of DBG-Chatfield, and select probable plants for the natural dye garden. In addition Larry had a meeting with his Chatfield Committee that afternoon and was able to secure approval for this project.
We will hold a meeting the week of July 8 to continue discussions. The immediate plan is to start irrigation substructure to the designated spot, amend the soil as needed and plan for planting of perennials in the fall. DBG-Chatfield is willing to commit to giving a location, watering as needed, propagating plants for the dye garden, consent for RMWG to use the plants and future consent to hold dye classes in the fall of 2014. We will need to coordinate classes with the director of education at DBG.
So all you natural dyers..please think about any plants you are able to contribute to this garden this fall 2013. There will be a list being put together. Also there maybe an opportunity to receive plants from the DAM natural dye garden towards the end of Sept. We will need members to go and collect them when DAM has their free give-away day.
The guild’s commitment is to plant the garden, weed as needed and harvest the results. In addition we will be contributing the initial amount from the Janice Ford Memorial to help fund the irrigation substructure and signage (including crediting the RMWG!). Future needs will be to fund a fence around the garden.
All in all a wonderful project of RMWG. Thanks to Janice Ford’s family for the impetus to start this project. Thanks to all who are part of the initial participation: Donna Brown, Judy Lepthien and Annie Scherer. Please join us for the next meeting and get involved in this exciting new collaboration.
Submitted by Carol GARNAND, Ed Chair 2013-2014