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Items for Sale, Trade, or to Give Away

4 Harness, 45″ Harrisville Rug Loom with:

Collingwood shaft switching device
4 original harness, with texsolv heddles
Original chain tieup (Currently tied up with polyester cords)
Instruction booklet
Collingwood DVD

Asking $3,700 and will accept cash, certified check or paypal (at full asking price).

Buyer must pick up in Pueblo, CO, bring van and help to take loom apart. Loom weighs more than 400 lbs. The largest pieces (sides) are 47″ X 61″ and the longest single board is ~ 79″ long.

Email: Maria Elena Weaver, (posted 1/10/18)

Victoria wheel and carrying bag, never used. $750 for both. Please contact Lori Dewender, (posted 1/4/18)

FREE! AVL 60″ 8 shaft, 10 treadle loom, in good working condition. Takes compudobby. Spindle rack, skein winder included. FREE to you if you come and take it away! (probably in Boulder, CO)
Contact Alan Webb at (posted 12/22/17)

Loom for sale – $550
45″ 4-shaft, 6 treadle floor loom, bench & accessories – craftsman built

We are moving to a smaller home, and I won’t have room for a loom this big. Not a glitzy loom, but well built (my husband builds furniture) and functional.
This is a 45″ 4-shaft, 6 treadle jack loom built by my husband in 1981 using plans he modified from the Jeri Hjert and Paul Von Rosenstiel book Loom Construction. Made from poplar, it has a removable front beam, a folding back beam, a spring brake, Texsolv cords and pegs for tie up, and wire heddles (not sure how many – lots!)
Also included are a matching poplar bench (built by my father-in-law, also a woodworker); 3 stainless Macomber reeds (6, 10, and 12 dent), a homemade raddle, and a variety of shuttles.
Located in Lafayette, CO. Pictures available on request.

Antique great wheel for sale – $50
A wonderful piece for restoration or decor. This is an antique great wheel that has been in my family for at least 5 generations, probably more. It came out of the attic of the house my father grew up in, on a dairy farm in Richfield Springs, New York (eastern New York/Cherry Valley area). I’ve been the guardian of this wheel for a number of years, but I am now moving to a smaller home and will no longer have space to keep it. It has been a display piece in my home. It is not in working condition and is missing parts (spindle and accelerator).
Located in Lafayette, CO. Pictures available on request.

Email: or contact me (Betsy Stroomer) at 303-666-0856. (posted 12/7/17)

Items for Sale:
Doubled ended leclerc bobbin winder $150.
Louet Hat Box spinning wheel. $550. Vintage Spinning Wheel with case, three bobbins.
Home built warping reel. $200 This was built for a local production weaver. It is used to wind warps onto the back beam under tension. Warp flanges are used on the back beam to contain the warp. The reel will hold a 60″ or smaller width warp.

All items can be delivered at the RMWG sale in January 2018. All items are in very good condition.
Pictures available on request.
Please contact Diane de Souza; for more information. (posted 11/25/17)


My name is Clare Sewell and I have an unfinished Glimakra Loom that I want to sell. I have most of the wood which are hardwood Maple. Some of the wood already has the grooves for fittings cut into it. I also have some other Glimakra parts still in the boxes.

My email is (posted 11/15/17)


Harrisville 36″, 4 harness, 4-treadle, maple loom
— $200
AVL. 60 inch wide. 8 heddle 10 treadle. Can take a computer dobby.

$1500. ($4500 new, still in good shape) Spindle rack and skein winder included.

Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel – Double Treadle

Made in the U.S. of hard maple and walnut and finished with a Danish oil, the Schacht Matchless spinning wheel. It includes a Lazy Kate (the “Industrious Kate”), 2 whorls, 4 bobbins, handy to transport. It features self-aligning bronze bearings and double drive with alternate scotch tension option, also convertible to bobbin lead if that’s your preference.

– Wheel diameter: 19 1/2″
– Orifice: 3/8″
– Ratios: 9:1, 11:1, 13:1, & 15.5:1
Options: slow speed whorl (6:1 & 7.5:1); hi-speed whorl and bobbin (17.5:1

Louet S10 Concept Spinning Wheel – Single Treadle – Classic
The S10 weighs 10 lbs. and comes with a clear lacquer finish. All wheels are made of European beech and birch plywood. Comes with a stand alone skein-winder.
Price: $250.00

Members can call me at 303-443-8556 to make an appointment to come see them. Photos available on request.
Alan Webb
(posted 10/18/17)

Hello, my name is Julia Munoz and I am contacting you on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County in Durango, Colorado in regards to a Weaving Loom that has been donated to us recently. We are trying to get it into the right hands and are attempting to contact Weaving Guilds in the Four Corners area that might be able to help us with information for someone who may be interested in purchasing it from us. It is a Nilus Leclerc 36″ Loom Model # 367111 and we are currently asking $1,400 for it. Please let me know if that is too high and what you suggest the asking price should be. It seems to be in great shape and I have pictures I can provide. Email: (posted 09/27/17)

I am moving and need to give away my weavers delight rug loom someone who wants to make rag rugs. It is complete and comes with all of the accessories. Photos available on request.
Please contact Carol Dowell at 970-630-3408 for more information. (posted 0927/17)

I have a loom and some accessories that we need to sell.
We have carted it across the country with us for too long.
It is a Schacht 36” standard floor loom, 8H, 10T, in great shape.
I wanted to know if we could post an ad for this.
Here is what we are selling: $2500 OBO. In Lafayette.
Email Rhett Travis at (posted 07/23/17)

My mom has three alpaca that were recently shorn. i am wondering if you may know of someone who would like the fleece. It has not been cleaned but she would be happy to give it to someone who could use it. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you.
Email Michele Strascina for more information. (posted 07/21/2017)

For sale:
36″ Schacht 8 shaft high castle loom in cherry. Was Susan Anstett’s loom. It is about 8 years old, in excellent condition. Loom is in Pueblo.

Pat Green super carder excellent condition about 8 years old.
If there are interested spinners or weavers please contact Everett Anstett 303 475 9983.
(posted 07/21/2017)

For sale: A Gilmore loom–40″, 4 shaft and 6 treadle, with bench. Beautiful condition. I’d like $1800 or $2000 with the full kit (warping board, spool rack, warp tensioner, shuttles, spools, and some wool, chenille, and carpet warp.) Photo of loom and accoutrements available on request.
Kate Hoff–
(Posted 6/25/17)

For sale $750 – LeClerc 24 inch Compact Jack floor loom. This loom is currently equipped with four shafts, but can be converted into an eight shaft loom by purchasing an extension kit. Loom is in great condition and comes with the original manual, boat shuttle, lease sticks, and extra nylon cord. Loom folds up for storage and can be folded up when warped. Sadly my new place is too small for this loom, but hopefully it will be perfect for you. Please contact Jayna at for pictures or more information. Loom must be picked up from Parker, CO.
(Posted 6/20/17)


Various weaving equipment available: Ashford 24″ rigid heddle loom, Ashford traditional spinning wheel (single and double treadle), Ashford warping mill, Heritage inkle loom, Howel floor band loom (like Glimakra band loom), 35″ Schacht rigid heddle loom. Located in Burlington, CO. Cannot ship. Would like these inherited items to be put to good use. Contact information for seller available from Photos available to interested purchasers from webmaster. (Received 3/2017, Posted 4/28/17)

Macomber loom for sale
40″ 4 harness loom with a 16 harness frame that was manufactured in 1984. If purchased new, it would cost $3,130 from Macomber. I’m not a weaver, so I don’t have specific information to share. If interested, I can provide a serial number so that you could reach out to Macomber for more information. Pictures available on request. Loom is located in SE Denver, just north of the Denver Tech Center. Asking $1,000 OBO.
Contact Carol Nation at 720.289.9154 or (posted 1/8/2017)

Items Wanted

WANTED: 48 Inch floor loom with 8 treadles. Want it to be in very good condition and am willing to travel to pick up if the loom is right for me. Price depends on condition and loom. Call or text at 719-287-1049 or email at for any information, advice or suggestions.
Kathy Torline – Nordstrom (posted 1/26/17)

Hello, I’m a resident of Brighton, Colorado and I’ve been a crocheter/knitter for 4 years now, but I’m moving into spinning! I started on a drop spindle, purchased an antique wheel, and now I’m looking to buy a more modern wheel (prefer to keep the antique is quality shape…it’s a beaut!).

I’ve been looking high and low for a wheel for two weeks now with no luck. I was told that guild members often have wheels for sale, so I was hoping to see if any of your guild members may have a wheel they’re willing to part with that have the following qualities:

(Listed in order of importance)

1) capable of making fine to medium weight yarn
2) more than one bobbin, or can get one made easily.
3) $300- $400
4)double treadle
5)compact/easy to get away from kiddos
6)castle set up

Email Alyssa Scarbrough