Fiber Arts Sale

The 2017 Rocky Mountain Weavers’ Guild Fiber Arts Sale was October 26-28 at the Englewood Civic Center. There were unique handmade gifts, clothing, jewelry and art pieces! We don’t know the dates for next year’s sale yet, but stay tuned for updates!

Check out images of our artists’ creations from sales in past years’ sales:

Useful Information for Sale Participants

or How to Sell Your Artwork at the Fiber Arts Sale!

  • NEW! Sign Up for Sale Shifts Here! Yes, you can sign up for the sale shifts you want to work online now. You will receive a return email with confirmation of the shifts for which you signed up. If there’s a problem, you can send an email to
  • Help Advertise the Sale: Print a sale flyer to post in your favorite yarn shop, library, or craft store!
    • This version is a small (126KB) .jpg file version of the sale flyer, and should be fairly fast to view or download. Right click on the image, then click on “save image as”, saving it to a location where you can find it again on your computer. If you then open it with a photo or graphics editor like Photoshop Elements, you may need to adjust the size to fit to an 8 1/2″ x 11″ page before you print it.
    • This version is a .pdf file. When you click on the link, it should open in a program that can read .pdf images. You should then be able to print it or save it to a location where you can find it again on your computer.
    • Small business card image–you can print these, but cards will be available at guild meetings. They might be handy to give all your friends and colleagues to help them remember the sale!
  • 2017 Sale Committee Members (RMWG members only)
  • Need to sign up for shifts to work at the sale? You don’t have to have items to sell (although we hope you will) in order to share the fun of working a shift at the sale. This year, email or call Tina Broderson ( to sign up for the time of your choice. We can’t run the sale without help from all of us!
  • General Information and Standards 2017. Please note the change in item (5) below:
    1. What to do, where to go, how to drop off items, how to collect unsold things after it’s over.  Specific instructions on filling out inventory sheets – this is how we keep track of what you’ve submitted and what you’ve sold, and therefore, how much money you get. The General Information and Standards also define what will be accepted for the sale, and provide guidelines for quality.  Don’t panic!  We accept a wide range of techniques, and the quality is expected to look professional, but not magic.
    2. Federal Trade Commission Requirements for Labeling 2014 (Be sure to read these before labeling and tagging your sale items!)
    3. Experiments with Labels, by Margaret Jaeger, with Cherie Pitman (printing labels on an ink jet printer, originally published in the Mid-Summer 2014 Shuttle Scuttle)
    4. Powerpoint file to download and use with “Experiments with Labels” above: Care labels for handmades
    5. Inventory Management
      • Inventory Sheets (.xlsx format) This is for people who are using Excel 2007 or later.
      • Inventory Sheets (.xls format) This is for people who are using Excel 97-2003 or who aren’t sure what they’re using. (Ask if you aren’t sure.)
      • Inventory Sheets (.pdf format) Note: This is for people who do not have Excel installed on their computer, but do have a program that will read .pdf files. If you have Adobe Reader (free download from on your computer, you should be able to print this file, but you won’t be able to fill it out on line and then print the filled-out form. You’ll need to print the blank form and fill it out by hand.
      • You can
        1. Print the inventory sheets out (print only as many pages as you need), fill them out by hand, and turn them in with your items; or
        2. Download the pages you need, fill them out electronically, and turn them in on a CD or flash drive (labeled with your name). 
      • Note: NEW! All participants should make arrangements to save their inventory to a flash drive or CD. If you don’t know how to do this or don’t have the equipment to do it, ask someone on the Sale Committee (see list above) to help you. No exceptions!
      • Make an extra paper copy of your inventory to keep for yourself!
      • If your inventory value is over $600, please fill out and bring an IRS W-9 form, which you can obtain from the IRS website.
      • Hang Tags: The tags used to label your sale items can’t be downloaded.  They will be available at the September and October meetings or before.  If you absolutely can’t attend a meeting, contact the Sales Committee and we’ll mail some out to you.  We do request that you reimburse the Guild for the postage.
  • Notes from the Sale Committee, September, 2015
  • Copyright
  • Pricing
  • Pantone Fashion Color Report
  • Instructions for Working Shifts at the Sale-click on the link to reach the articles.
  • Annual Sales Analysis (RMWG members only)
  • If you have any questions, or would like to get more information about the Sale, e-mail