Advertising Policy

Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild Advertising Policy (revised 1/14/2015, effective 6/1/2015)

General Questions about advertising in guild media should be addressed to the Advertising Manager.

For a .pdf version of the following policy, click here.


1. Paid and Unpaid Advertising

  • Advertising on the RMWG web site and in the RMWG newsletter is limited to fiber-related activities.
  • Activities requiring paid admission must pay for an advertisement in the newsletter or on the web site as described in this policy. Sale of items by individuals or groups such as businesses, estate sales, moving sales, going-out-of-business sales, etc., also requires paid advertising.
  • Activities without paid admission such as fiber demonstrations, guild sales, fiber festivals, gallery exhibits, and calls for entry for exhibits, and weaving conferences (even though they may charge registration fees) may be submitted to the webmaster for posting on the blog and/or calendar on the web site at the webmaster’s discretion or to the newsletter editor for listing in the newsletter at the editor’s discretion without charge.

2. All ads and posts are subject to guild and community standards as interpreted by the webmaster, newsletter editor, and/or the RMWG Executive Board.

3. Newsletter Advertising (send questions to
The Shuttle Scuttle is a private newsletter produced ten times a year by the RMWG newsletter editor for the benefit of RMWG members. It is converted to a .pdf format file (in color) and posted on the RMWG website for download by members only. Some members may pay a fee to have a black and white paper copy of the newsletter mailed to them.
Submission rules:
• Deadline is Sunday, one week after the monthly meeting (normally the third Saturday of months September through May, plus a summer issue)
• Camera-ready ads may be submitted in color. Consult newsletter editor for format.
• Email submissions to the Advertising Manager
• Send check payable to RMWG to the current Advertising Manager.
Newsletter advertising rates:

Ad Size Per Issue Annual Rate—Non-members* Annual Rate—Members*
25 words $5 $40 $36
1/8 page $10 $80 $72
¼ page $15 $120 $108
½ page $25 $200 $180
Full page $35 $280 $252

*Annual rate includes a 20% discount for the ten monthly ads (over the single issue price), and must be paid in full by August 15. Annual rate for guild members includes an additional reduction in price.

4. Yearbook and Web Page Advertising (send questions to or to
Business Members: The regular business membership dues of $45 per year includes a listing in the business member section of the directory, an individual listing for one person in the individual member section of the directory, as well as a black and white business card size image. Business members will also have a listing in the Advertisers section of the guild web page. Contact the to have information in addition to the yearbook ad included in the web page listing. Information is due to the yearbook editor and webmaster no later than the September guild meeting.
Non-business Members: Other RMWG members may pay for an ad in the yearbook or on the web page at the rate of $10 per year for each listing. Contact or for more information.