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Spinzilla Event at the DAM

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Spinzilla at the Denver Art Museum

Once again, Schacht is hosting this wonderful event at the Denver Art Museum. Bring your wheel and fiber to the 5th annual Spinzilla spin-in at the museum on Sunday, October 8th, 2017 between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm and join other spinners who are participating in Spinzilla. Doors will open at 10:00 am. Even if you’re not on a Spinzilla team, you are invited to spin along in celebration of Spinning and Weaving Week.

Spinzilla is a fundraiser that promotes and supports fiber arts education for youth in America. In 2014 Spinzilla went global, and has continued to grow on both the domestic and international level. Spinzilla brings people together from all over the world.

Last year we had over 100 spinners which was a lot of fun and made for a wonderful community event. We hope you’ll join us. We are grateful to the Denver Art Museum for hosting us again this year—especially just before this wing closes for renovations.

When you arrive at the museum:
Go to the main entrance of the NORTH building, and proceed to PONTI HALL.
Check in at the table there and you’ll be given a complimentary admission sticker to for the museum. This will allow you to visit any gallery on your breaks. Then you’re free to set up and get spinning!

Some rules for the event:
There is no entrance charge for people participating in Spinzilla or demonstrating (this includes guests of spinners).
Chairs will be available in Ponti Hall, as well as a few tables for display, organization, and business information.
Lockers are available at the entrance to store your valuables.
Bring only clean fiber, as care needs to be taken not to introduce wool pests into the museum environment. Please bring as little equipment as possible; wheels, bobbins, niddy noddy, fiber.
If you’ll be spending all day at the museum, you can bring your lunch with you or go to any of the delicious restaurants nearby.

Please RSVP by October 1st to make sure that your name is on the list.
Email Schacht with questions:

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Weavers Equipment Sale

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From President Annie Coyne:
Silversun estate sales is holding a sale this weekend – Fri Sep 29 10am to 1pm, and Sat Sep 30 9am to 1pm.
The address is 9212 W Jewell Avenue, Lakewood, CO, 80232
You can see photos and read more here:

I did my best to identify the equipment and fiber from the photos – here’s what I saw:

• Glimakra 100cm Standard countermarche – 8 shafts, attached warping board, and bench
• Large disassembled loom with sectional beam
• Schact rigid heddle loom with extra heddle and loom stand
• Lazy kates and bobbins
• Shuttles
• Harrisville belt loom
• Ball winder
• Tapestry beater
• Two table looms – one LeClerc, one Ashford (I think)
• Warping boards
• KB sock (peg) loom
• Large potholder-style wooden loom
• Hackles
• Fleece
• Reeds
• Schact inkle loom
• Loom bench
• Warping trapeze (I think)
• Handwoven goods – towel, scarves, throws, etc

Buckets, baskets, and bins of yarn and roving:
• Coned yarns
• Skeined/balled/hanked yarns
• Hand-dyed yarns

Thanks to Doreen Mclaughlin for pointing this out!

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Special Lecture this Week!

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The Colorado Textile Group presents :


A lecture by John Pyson assisted by John Taylor

September 28, 2017

6:30 social, 7 program

While working a trade show in 1984, I became curious about the contemporary
Navajo weavings a trading post owner was showing in a booth across the aisle.
During lulls in the show action, I continued to speak with the trader, who,
through the week, educated me about what “went into” the making of these
Navajo weavings. I bought the finest textile he had and still own it today.
Within the next few years, I had assembled a museum-grade collection of
regional rugs. Research into the history of Southwest weaving tradition sparked
a passion for Rio Grande blankets and Saltillo sarapes.
Success in business efforts funded my collection passion, resulting in amassing
over 600 examples. Each addition to the collection lead to more research until
the discovery of another historic data point became as exciting as adding another
blanket to the collection.
Organization of these blankets into historical context provided a framework for
analyzing weaving techniques, materials, and design layouts. This opened a new
world of discovery for me. Cross-cultural influences became apparent, which
fueled the quest for finding examples which filled in the gaps and for finding
earlier and earlier examples of textiles with similar design schemes.
We will examine iconic examples of the major Rio Grande blanket categories.
In addition, we will explore how these fine blankets fit into historical context,
spanning more than 1,000 years of New World textile tradition.

Shaver-Ramsey Fine Rugs | 2414 E 3rd ave, Denver, CO 80206

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September Shuttle Scuttle is ……

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Here? Ready? Perfect?

Anyway the Shuttle Scuttle is available for you to read, download, or print.

To find the current Shuttle Scuttle, click here: .

Or click on “Current Issues” in the right side menu.

The current password is in the email that our new president, Annie Coyne, sends out to announce that the newsletter is on line. You will have to enter it to get to any of the password-protected pages, including the newsletter and yearbook pages. If you have mislaid her email (look in your spam folder!) or you have trouble opening a password-protected page, please let me know ( You can also send email to, which goes to Annie.

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